Welcome to the Tidyverse

Photo by Kyle Sudu

Looking for an effective way to learn R? This one-day course will teach you a workflow for doing data science with the R language. It focuses on using R’s Tidyverse, which is a core set of R packages that are known for their impressive performance and ease of use. We will focus on doing data science, not programming. Your instructors will include:

  • Teon Brooks (Mozilla)
  • Carl Howe (RStudio)
  • Christina Koch (University of Wisconsin)

and you will learn to:

  1. Visualize data with R’s ggplot2 package
  2. Wrangle data with R’s dplyr package
  3. Fit models with base R
  4. Document your work reproducibly with R Markdown

Along the way, you will practice using R’s syntax, gaining comfort with R through many exercises and examples. Bring your laptop! And the best news is, a full day of learning is only $20.

(Please note that this workshop is being offered twice, once on Monday Oct 14 and again on Monday Oct 15.)