Teaching A New Generation of R Users

RStudio’s mission is to equip everyone, regardless of means, to participate in a global economy that rewards data literacy. RStudio’s education team supports that mission with open-source educational materials that we believe will help train the next million R users around the world.

However, we cannot do this alone; we also need teachers. R’s popularity has fueled a booming market for those who can teach R to others. The following resources are aimed at those people. Some are designed specifically for academic teaching in a semester-long format and others for much shorter workshops. All of RStudio’s resources are distributed under open-source licenses to encourage teachers to adapt and use these materials in their own ways.

Teaching R breaks down into three separable and learnable skills:

  1. How to teach (in general).
  2. How to create materials to teach R and data science.
  3. How to set up effective learning environments for teaching R and data science.

The resources below will help you tackle each of these topics independently.

Explore our resources

How to teach. Use evidence-based teaching practices to create and deliver educational content that works. Read more ...
Create materials to teach R and data science. Browse our open educational resources to find teaching materials you are welcome to reuse and remix. Read more ...
Set up for teaching and learning. Design a computing infrastructure and choose packages that can set you and your learners on the happy path. Read more ...